16 July 2024
One person shot and killed at an apartment complex in Beech Grove. Police tell shooting happened on sidewalk. Police had set up a perimeter and were looking for suspect but K-9 lost the scent so search was called off. Crime lab is here now processing the scene
IMPD is now investigating a shooting that killed one person on Indy's west side
Investigating fatal shooting on Indy's east side. Victim found in car in alleyway on N. Dearborn St. nnMan living in white home heard a single gunshot.
An IMPD investigation is underway after a person was shot and killed near East Michigan and North Dearborn streets early Thursday
IMPD investigating deadly shooting just north of the state fairgrounds. Person was found dead after being shot on Norwaldo
IMPD is investigating a deadly shooting Tuesday morning that left one dead
The shooting happened Monday in the 2200 block of White Oaks Drive, near North Lynhurst Drive and Crawfordsville Road, around 11 a.m
Police are at the scene of a shooting that wounded one person, one of at least three such incidents under investigation in Indy Sunday evening
1 year ago
Police look for suspect after deadly Franklin shooting
1 year ago
A seven-year-old boy from Chicago has died after he was recovered from Lake Michigan and the cause of death has been identified
1 year ago
Someone caught looking in the complainant's windows and the 900 block of East gerhard.
A man is found dead in home on Indy's east side. IMPD is investigating what led up to the shooting
Indianapolis police confirms 1 dead in shooting on N. Spencer Ave. near E 21st St. and Emerson Ave. Spokesperson responding to scene
1 year ago
Dispatched as a domestic battery that occurred outside in the 1700 block of gleneagles. They have since gone inside
IMPD is at the scene of a double shooting on South State Avenue
1 year ago
Report of shots fired a possible shooting on Linwood drive. A suspect vehicle may have Departed the scene and one victim with a shotgun wound to the leg. Also people fighting
Police have arrested a 16-year-old male for aggravated battery in a shooting investigation on Tuxedo Street Friday
large crowds of at least 50 people are gathered at the scene of a shooting on E Station Street. Police confirm this is the 100th homicide this year. Police Chaplins are on scene as well as investigators.
As a Indiana Man Sets Fire in Jail Lobby LakeCounty   Indiana video shows a man intentionally setting fire in the lobby of Lake County Indiana Jail in Lake County Indiana. After setting the lobby ablaze he then quickly fled1 year ago
As a Indiana Man Sets Fire in Jail Lobby LakeCounty Indiana video shows a man intentionally setting fire in the lobby of Lake County Indiana Jail in Lake County Indiana. After setting the lobby ablaze he then quickly fled
Plainfield Police make an arrest in last night's road rage shooting. A 17-year-old male is in custody, an 18-year-old male and a 16-year-old female were released after questioning. Police believe they recovered the suspect's vehicle. Warrant executed here at Gladden Farms
Suspect arrested on aggravated battery charge in shooting on near west side
EPD arrest suspect in overnight Riverside Drive shooting
A man is dead after a shooting inside this east side apartment complex.nnPolice say the person did not live here. No suspect information. No known motive. IMPD tells us they do not believe there is any kind of ongoing threat.
According to officers on scene, they received calls of a person shot at an apartment on 10th St. They responded to the scene just before midnight where they found an adult male suffering from gunshot wound(s). a person was fatally shot
Double residence at 356 N Addison St . for a residence fire with exposures. Command ordered defensive Ops only due to a history of fires in the vacant residence and lack of structural integrity. 40 mins to mark the blaze under control
A man who was hurt in a shooting early this morning in South Bend is expected to survive his injuries
The South Bend Police Department said one man was sent to the hospital with what appeared to be gunshot wounds after a call to the 1200 block of East Madison St.
IMPD homicide detectives are investigating a shooting that left one person dead early Sunday on Indianapolis' southwest side
Fort Wayne Police are at State and Beacon Plaza, responding to multiple shots fired. there are victims, though police don't know how serious the injuries are. Officers just put someone in the back of a squad car. Looked like a man who was cooperating
1 year ago
The Bartholomew County Sheriff's Office confirmed. the shooting happened at 11:30 p.m. Thursday at a home on Elm Street in Hope, Indiana